Shock Isolation

Box-in-Box shock isolation is MaxVision's unique patented design protection system.

Most portable computer components attach directly to the chassis so shocks from drops and tip-overs are conveyed directly to the processor, hard disk, LCD display and other printed circuit boards. MaxVision's Box-in-Box shock isolation system significantly reduces the G stresses during tip-over and drops. On impact, ordinary computer components can experience deceleration of over 500 G’s (momentarily weight 500 times more than normal) destroying disk drives, uprooting memory modules and jiggling the processor out of its socket. In the MaxPac, a specialty designed Poron® suspension provides up to 2 cm of cushion to safely decelerate components. And because this cushion is rate sensitive it automatically provides more resistance on higher impacts. Should the outer case be damaged, it can be replaced quickly and inexpensively by MaxVision. Many MaxPacs are small enough to carry on board aircraft or you may ship your MaxPac in the water tight, custom-fitted, Pelican case for additional impact protection. Your data will be safe when you arrive and you can begin work immediately.

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