Air Filtration

Military users who have been to the Middle East know of the small particle dust that gets into every part of their computer. This dust can damage internal components thus forcing frequent cleaning. MaxVision has created the “Desert Filter” technology which has practically no back pressure and catches nearly all (greater than 99%) of the small particles. This filter can be washed and recharged in the field. With other filter technology, you would have to replace it as frequently as every day or two and the temperature of your computer begins to rise as the filter begins to load with dirt. With MaxVision's proven “Desert Filter™,” you wash it and recharge it much less frequently. With less particle/dust exposure, the filter may require cleaning only once per year. Users can replace the filter without tools while the unit is running. The exhaust side of most of MaxVision's products are also protected from dust and particles in the event that the unit is exposed to dust in a non-operating situation (e.g. doors open on a helicopter).

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