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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where can I purchase your products?
Answer: Contact a MaxVision, Rugged Portable Computers LLC sales representative.

Question: What distinguishes a MaxPac® from a laptop or PC?
Answer: What makes our products unique is that we combine the needs of desktop processing power and valuable analytical workspace (via up to 3 displays) in an expeditionary footprint. One workstation with the latest processing power and up to three 1600 x 1200 resolution screens can easily handle multiple applications at once to include mission monitoring, imagery analysis, report writing, PowerPoint briefs, etc.

Question: How often does MaxVision, Rugged Protable Computers LLC update their technology?
Answer: MaxVision, Rugged Protable Computers LLC is on the leading edge of computing technology. We continually strive to implement the latest and greatest with regards to computer design. In general, the latest technology is available in one or more versions of the MaxPac within 3 – 6 months of first product announcement. Not every technology is suitable or reliable in a high-performance portable system. MaxVision, Rugged Protable Computers LLC selects the best of breed standard components

Question: What if I need technical support?
Answer: We offer systems support in a number of ways…

  • You can check the Technical Support page and see if your answer can be found there
  • Get an electronic copy of the manual.
  • You can call toll-free and speak with a support specialist at 1-800-533-5805
  • You can email technical support with the specifics of your problem and they can either email you or call you back
  • In foreign countries where product is sold through resellers, the reseller may be authorized as a service and support center.

Question: How can I configure a system via this website?
Answer: Just choose the series and model in which you are interested and click the "customize" button beneath the default configuration.

Question: Are your products upgradeable over time?
Answer: Certainly! Our scaleable engineering approach allows for upgrades to motherboards, RAM, etc… .

Question: Do you offer removable hard drives?
Answer: Yes. In fact, we not only offer removeable hard drives, we offer removeable data magazines (up to 8 hard drives).

Question: Are your products easy to maintain?
Answer: Our products are built with ruggedization in mind using a box-in-box construction. It is a simple procedure to reach the inner components should there be a need and many components can be purchased for replacement locally. Add to that our standard one year warranty and maintaining your system couldn't be easier.

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