TeraPac® Portable Rugged Hard Drive Array Briefcase - The TeraPac® portable storage expansion system is the most versatile removable hard drive storage expansion system for both products and PC systems in general.

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The TeraPac® supports 8 removable SATA 3.5” hard drives providing up to 48TB of raw storage and 42TB of Raid 5 protection. These 8 removable drives are connected to the host computer via two eSASx4 supplied cables. These cables connect to a special Raid controller which has been enhanced with external I/O kits. Raid 0 stripping for performance without redundancy or Raid 1 mirror or Raid 5 for failed drive without loss of data protection.  Advanced users can also take advantage of Raid 6 for multiple failed drive support.

The workstations use the HDPac family of removable drive magazines. The HDPac4 four drive magazine is used with the MaxPac XL, SL and ML as well as the MaxCube and MaxRax product offerings. The TeraPac® can support two HDPac4 magazines or a single HDPac8 eight drive magazine. If four mirrored pairs of drives are used, the HDPac2 is available. These can be arranged in combination of HDPacs that sum to 8 drives. HDPacs can be shuffled in the TeraPac® in any order without loss of data integrity and without concern for mating a particular drive in a particular TeraPac® hard drive slot. Furthermore, drives can be shuffled within the HDPac magazine without concern for order or loss of configuration.

The HDPac removable Raid magazines can be interchanged between systems using the LSI MegaRAID.

A unique feature of the HDPac is the ability to hot swap individual failed hard drives without having to shut down the system or take them off line. This can be done without removing the HDPac magazine. The individual drives can be removed from the magazine without removing it from the TeraPac® or the MaxPac.

Each TeraPac® has its own self-contained global power supply, cooling and air filtration system. Also included is a customized Pelican 1430 water tight roller case for transporting the TeraPac®3 system and cables.

Each HDPac4 and HDPac8 hard drive magazine is available with a custom Pelican case which is convenient for transporting secure data separate from the computer or TeraPac®3. The HDPac4 uses a custom Pelican 1300 and the HDPac8 uses a custom Pelican 1400.

SATA or SAS hard drives are available in sizes of 2TB, 4TB and 6TB. All drives in the same HDPac must be identical size and type.

MaxPac HDPac

HDPac™ Removable Hard Disk Magazines -The HDPac™ is a family of 3.5” SATA hard drive magazines which allow either 2, 4 or 8 hard drives to be managed as a removable set. These magazines can be installed into the MaxPac® XL, SL and ML, MaxCube™, MaxRax and the TeraPac® hard drive expansion chassis.

HDPac2 HDPac4 HDPac8
HDPac2 HDPac4 HDPac8
Customize HDPac Customize HDPac Customize HDPac

The HDPac™ is available in three sizes. The HDPac™2 supports two drives for redundant mirroring (Raid 1) or performance striping (Raid 0). The HDPac™4 supports four drives for either Raid 5 redundancy or Raid 0, streaming stripe performance. Finally the HDPac™ 8 provides a single eight drive removable magazine which can be configured as JBOD, Raid 0, 1, 5 or 6.

Any HDPac size can be installed into any system of equal or greater drive slots.  For example, a 4 drive backplane used in the MaxPac X Class workstation could support either two HDPac2 magazines or a single HDPac4.  An eight drive backplane could support any combination HDPac's whose drive count was equal to or less than eight.  For example four HDPac2 magazines could be used or two HDPac2 units and a single HDPac4 or two HDPac4 units or a single HDPac8.

SATA or SAS hard drives are available in sizes of 2TB, 4TB and 6TB. All drives in the same HDPac must be identical size and type within the same Pac.

Because of the value of the SATA or SAS enterprise hard drive technology and relatively low price of the HDPac™ system, HDPac™ s using Raid 5 redundancy are an excellent choice for data backup and even archive applications. Because all RAID setup data is storage on the drives within the HDPac™, they can be moved between systems without complications.

HDPac™ 4 and HDPac™ 8 magazines can be transported using custom water tight transport cases which are designed to allow the units to survive being dropped in the water or dropped onto concrete from heights of over 6 feet.


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