Custom Rugged Designs

Approximately 50% of our products are custom or semi-custom designs for a specific task. These products are developed specifically for OEM resellers, large corporate customers, industrial and energy customers, and other end users who require stored and/or operational, rugged technology.

MaxVision, Rugged Protable Computers LLC specializes in lower volume custom design and manufacturing using efficient processes that have been created or refined in-house. Our process provides cost-effective quick-turn prototype design and fabrication pilot production lots in quantities of 10 to 1000 units with little-to-no tooling required. Custom PCBs, along with cable design and fabrication also allow sophisticated interconnect options tuned to customer’s needs, while meeting industry standards for connectivity, safety and reliability. Custom sheet metal, custom machined metal, and durable plastic parts can all be fabricated using these techniques to provide timely and cost-effective production.

Custom Design: MaxPac ET
Application: Industrial

Key Features:

  • Corei7 processor & Q35 Chipset
  • up to 32GB DDR3 Memory
  • 17” 1280 x 1024 LCD with touch screen
  • nVidia Quadro FXk2000 video card
  • Full dust filtration system
  • Integrated GbE,, USB, Audio/Speaker
  • 20 pounds
  • Box in Box Shock Isolation system
  • Weather proof keyboard
  • 90-264VAC @ 47 – 400Hz
MaxPac 8001SIT

Custom Design: MaxPac8005S1T
Application: Border Crossing Biometric-Check Workstation

Key Features:

  • Core2Duo / Q35 Chipset with integrated graphics
  • 4GB DDR2 Memory
  • Single 3.5” SATA HD
  • 19” 1280 x 1024 LCD with Touch, Limited viewing angle,
  • 0-100% dimmable
  • Integrated GbE, Firewire, USB, Audio/Speaker
  • PCI and PCIe x16 open slots.
  • Box in Box Shock Isolation system
  • 90-264VAC @ 47 – 400Hz
  • Full Air Filtration

Custom Design: MaxRax8230XXX Server
Application: Geospatial

Key Features:

  • Multi-workstation design in one chassis for mission analysis comparisons and missile control
  • All-in-one design marries three workstations via KVM and other technologies
  • Dual Xeon Quad Core (x3)
  • 24GB DDR2 Memory (x3)
  • Integrated Pro Joystick easily stores inside the chassis prior to shipment

Custom Design: PCL3 (Portable Content Loader)
Application: In-Flight Movie Uploads for Trans Oceanic Flights

Key Features:

  • Xeon Dual Core
  • 4GB DDR2 Memory
  • 160GB SATA System Drive
  • 4 x 146GB FC Optical Data Store
  • Integrated GbE,
  • Box in Box Shock Isolation system
  • 90-264VAC @ 47 – 400Hz
  • Integrated UPS holdup system
  • Dual Channel FC HBA

MaxVision, Rugged Protable Computers LLC has forged extremely tight relationships with low-level component fabricators of metal and plastic parts only minutes away from our facilities. All design is performed in a comprehensive 3D solids CAD environment with tight revision control for all mechanical and packaging components. Typical prototype fabrication time is 2-3 weeks on both sheet metal and CNC fabrication. Stereo lithography is used to create master molds of free-formed plastic parts which are produced using polyurethane resins and silicon mold casting techniques. These parts are reinforced when needed with metal inserts in the casing process. If production above 1000 units is required, injection mold tooling investments are made. This approach allows high quality, quick turn-around production of metal and plastics without the expense or delay of injection mold tooling. However, these techniques are cost effective for medium quantity production up to 50 units per month.

MaxVision, Rugged Protable Computers LLC uses the latest standard motherboards, video cards, and hard drives in all of its portable designs. Certain printed circuit boards are custom designed by MaxVision, Rugged Protable Computers LLC to consolidate integration functions and interconnects relating to LCD display control, audio, and power supply systems. These designs are performed by MaxVision, Rugged Protable Computers LLC engineers and prototyped using quick turn fabrication and assembly within MaxVision, Rugged Protable Computers LLC. Volume production is then turned over to PCB assembly subcontractors in the area.

MaxVision, Rugged Protable Computers LLC routinely provides semi-custom modifications to standard products such as OEM logos and simple modifications needed to support special add-in cards and interconnects. Special transit case design is also provided to meet the special needs of customers. These semi-custom modifications require minimal volume commitments and can typically be delivered in less than 30 days. You should consider MaxVision, Rugged Protable Computers LLC for your next platform if you are an applications-specific integrator, software business dealing with the portable video or data acquisition and analysis markets, or have a particular military or intelligence mission needing a entirely new product.

MaxVision, Rugged Protable Computers LLC is your best partner for custom design and production of portable computing platforms and devices. You will be impressed how fast the process can move and how reasonable the commitment can be. Call us today at 256.772.3058 and talk to our sales and engineering staff.


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