About, Rugged Portable Computers LLC

Rugged Portable Computers, LLC is an employee owned small business located in Madison Alabama which has recently acquired the assets and trademarks of MaxVision Holding LLC, and while a completely independent and separate company from MaxVision, continues to market, manufacture and support the acquired product lines carrying the MaxVision, MaxPac, MaxCube and MaxRax registered trade names. Rugged Portable Computers, LLC is managed by its owners:

Bruce Imsand, CEO

Tim Kavanagh, VP Sales

Ernie Duffey, CFO

Rugged Portable Computers, LLC continues the no compromise performance tradition meeting the demanding needs of both military COTS and commercial ODM/OEM customers. RPC has the perfect blend of in-house computer, electronics, and mechanical design staff with a dedicated manufacturing workforce co-located to ensure the highest product quality in its ISO 9001:2008 facility. To speed product to market, Rugged Portable Computers has vertical production sheet metal, machine shop capabilities and a strong network of subcontractors to enhance its quick-turn development of innovative designs. We routinely practice 100-day custom portable workstation design to delivery cycles. Custom design of portable systems is the cornerstone of Rugged Portable Computer's new business. Meeting the needs of the UAV, Geospatial, Training, Video and Energy markets requiring, high performance,rugged performance on the move.

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